CONfabulation 2017 Dates!

We’re proud to announce that the first CONfabulation will be taking place on May 25 – May 28, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA!

Pittsburgh was a great home to have the last Wincon, and now we’re excited to start a new journey with you there next year! We will not be at the exact same location however, and will be announcing our new hotel later on in November. We will also open up registration then as well, and show you our brand spanking new logo, designed by one of you!

Please note that CONfabulation will be taking place over US Memorial Day Weekend. We hope that having the convention over a holiday weekend allows more people who have that extra day off to come and enjoy a long weekend of fun and fans!

Stay tuned to our Twitter and tumblr for more the announcements to come! (We also will be adding on other social medias, but if you have a website you want to see us on, please let us know!)

If you need help or have any questions, please email us!

2 replies to CONfabulation 2017 Dates!

  1. oooo…. I may be able to go end of May!

    Which is not as threatening as it sounds, I swear.. Also will we be doing raffles? I have a nerd box and shirts I do not need. (goes to look)

    • We will be doing a raffle, yes! There will be a post closer to the con with more info, but it’s going to be similar to what you’re used to.

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