Roommates/Travel Buddies!

Whether you have a room and need more people in it or you want to join someone else who already has a reservation or even find some people who sound fun and figure it out together, this is the post for you! This also applies for people looking for road trip pals or airport and travel buddies!

Things to include when making or replying to a post:

1) Email address! (If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your email publicly, please leave an alternate way to contact you.)
2) What nights you’re planning to stay (Thurs-Sun? Wed-Mon? Thurs-Tues? What’s your plan?) (For travel buddies: please put what airport or train station you are planning on leaving from!)
3) Do you want a room with lots of activity and visitors and slumber parties? Or do you want a quiet place to go back and chill when the hustle and bustle of the con is too much? Are you an early riser or an up all nighter?
4) How many people do you want to share with? Are you cool with sharing a bed? Do you need your own? A room with two double beds can fit up to 4 people, but you can also do less if your budget and your comfort level desire it!
5) Anything else that might make finding a roommate for the con fun! What are your fandoms? Your ships? Are you an artist? An author? An avid reader and reccer? Talk a bit about yourself!

Please remember that all attendees are subject to CONfabulation’s Terms of Use and Harassment Policy. If you feel at all uncomfortable or unsafe, please let a member of the con committee know immediately so we can assist you in getting to a safe place. The safety and well-being of our attendees is our highest priority, and we will respond to the situation with whatever actions are available to us.

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When you’re ready to book your hotel, please use our link on the Pittsburgh page!

3 replies to Roommates/Travel Buddies!

  1. 1)
    2) Thursday-Monday. (I’m taking the red eye on Wednesday night and would love to try and crash when I get in on Thursday morning, so if you’re in on Wednesday, I’ll help pay. Leaving Monday night as well.)
    3) I am all about the chill and low key. (I have been known to stumble in drunk at night but I try to be not a dick about it and also not too late.) Not a morning person, tend to snore, will probably have hidden Diet Cokes around the room.
    4) Not picky!
    5) WHAT UP. Past Supernatural, Marvel, 1D, Teen Wolf fangirl, currently lives in hockey. I podfic and yell on Twitter about stuff mostly. The lady behind the mask re: Confab social media.

    • Um. Hi. I will be there for exactly these dates. 🙂

  2. 1)
    2) Checking in Thursday, Checking Out Sunday; I’m planning to drive from Virginia
    3) I’m flexible, but I’d prefer something on the quiet side. I like having a place away from the action to introvert a little bit if I need to. I’m a night owl (read: might get inspired to write fanfic in bed until 2am) but I don’t like missing morning sessions, so I’m always up in enough time to eat and get out the door in the morning as well. Basically, I have too much FOMO to sleep during a con. LOL. I shower at night so I can be up and out the door faster in the morning. I am FREAKISHLY neat when I’m in hotel rooms; I barely unpack. I don’t take up much space and don’t mind if my roommate does. I am happy as a lone wolf, but I also wouldn’t mind having a con buddy or group to compare notes with & talk fandoms at the end of the day or to catch a meal with. So I’m flexible. Am fine staying out of your hair or hanging out; the only thing is I don’t drink (but I don’t mind if you do; I’m just not a good bar buddy or extreme partier, if that’s what you’re looking for).
    4) I need my own bed. Extra pillows and stuffed animals will need to happen and there will barely be room for me.
    5) My fandoms… how much room do I have here? Big ones right now: Highlander (always have to list that first), Supernatural, Hamilton, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Whedonverse, Whoverse, Sherlock, Middle Earth, Stargate, Merlin, NCIS, Sense8, and hockey (but I’m a Washington Capitals girl, so it would probably be best for us all if I were kept separate from all the Penguin love). I’m a slash lover and fanfic writer (primarily hurt/comfort and kinkfics… or hurt/comfort kinkfics). I’m a non-smoker and a vegetarian (eating meat around me is fine as long as you don’t make me eat it). I’m also a BookCrosser (leave books random places), a Markeroon (hunt historical markers), and an AFOL (an adult fan of LEGO).

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