Registration Contest!

We’ve got 7 registrations from kind donors to give away! To enter is pretty simple: you just have to submit an idea for programming.

Programming comes in three different types.
Workshops: Where you hone or teach a skill (Vid editing, plushie making, makeup instructing!)
Roundtables: Specialized discussions with a small group of people (Specific fandoms like The Raven Cycle or One Direction, niche interests like fandom in the classroom or costuming in media)
Panels: Larger group discussions with audience participation or varying viewpoints. (Multifandom panels like representation of women in media, popular fanfiction tropes, or fandom reboots)

Each person may submit four different programming ideas up until February 16th, 2017. These programming ideas can be of all the same type, or a mixture of roundtables, panels, and workshops. For each programming submission, you get one entry to win a registration. (Maximum of four entries.) You can only win one registration.

If you already have registered, thank you! Your programming submissions will also be entered to win. If you do win a registration, you can either choose to defer your prize or gift it to a friend!

Please note that you do not have to have a current registration to submit programming, and you also do not have to be a moderator! CONfabulation is entirely made up of attendee programming, and we really just want to know what you want to talk about.

If you want past examples of programming, go here!
If you want to know what programming has already been submitted for this year, go here!
And if you’re ready to submit some programming, go here!

Good luck!

If you need help or have any questions, please email us!