Panelists Wanted!

Thanks again everyone for submitting such great ideas for programming for this year’s con! We received a great variety of submissions, and you can check out the list of topics you and your fellow attendees voted for in this post. We can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about your topics of choice in May. For those of you who want some more people to be on your panel, or if you need a helping hand for your roundtable or workshop, this is the post for you!

To help you find some like-minded fans to help you talk, squee, flail, whatever, about your topic of choice, just leave a comment on this post! Please include some information about your panel, roundtable, or workshop, and how many people you would like to be on it with you. If you see something in the comments that you’d like to help with, just jump right on in! If you’re like me, I know you want to volunteer to be on everything, but please keep in mind that you can only be on or run a maximum of four different pieces of programming.

The Programming Team is hard at work trying to build the schedule, and we want to accommodate as many people being on the things they want to be on as possible. In order to do this and get our schedule finalized in time to print up the program book, we will need all presenters of panels, workshops, and roundtables to be finalized by April 15th. So, this post will be open until then to help you all do that.

As always, if there are any questions, please leave a comment on this post, or email!