2018 Schedule is Live

You can find our schedule grid here or on the bottom of the page.

Special Events
Thursday, Oct. 25

5:00 – 8:00
Meet & Greet
Location: Fandom Lounge (Concorde A/B)
Meet your fellow attendees, make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Do some crafts, eat some snacks, and play some games at this chill gathering to kick off the con!

Friday, Oct. 26

4:00 – 4:50
Vid Show
Location: Convair
CONfabulation’s annual vid show will feature an hour of new vids in various fandoms, some never before seen!

7:30 – 9:00
Fandom Trivia
Location: Constellation
Think you know the most about your fandom? Show off your stuff at fandom trivia! Star Wars, Buffy, Harry Potter… anything goes!

9:00 – ??
Badfic Idol
Location: Constellation
Prepare yourself for live, dramatic readings of truly, deliberately terrible badfic with Badfic Idol. Tentacles, angel wings, eggpreg… the world is your badfic oyster. Write a badfic alone or with friends and submit it to be read by our talented panel of judges. Fics cannot be longer than 400 words and are due by 8:30pm on Friday. Please place your masterpiece in the box marked “Badfic Idol” in the fandom lounge, or email it to info@confabcon.com with the subject line “Badfic Idol Submissions.” The winner will receive an awesome prize and lifelong notoriety.

If you would like to volunteer to be a Badfic Idol Judge, please see a member of the Con Comm or email us at info@confabcon.com.

Saturday, Oct. 27

8:00 – 11:00
Dance: The Nightmare Before CONfab
Location: Convair/Constellation
Join us for a ~spooky~ evening at our annual dance. Enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, dancing, and good times with your fellow attendees. Formal or pajamas, street clothes or Halloween costumes, all attire is welcome.

CONfab Annual Raffle
Location: Convair/Constellation, during the Nightmare Before CONfab
Find out if you have won any of CONfabulation’s delightful collection of fandom and non-fandom treasures at the annual raffle. You do not need be present to win, but your name must be on your ticket.

Friday Programming

Friday Panels: Convair
Opening Ceremonies
Welcome to the second annual CONfabulation! Introductions, announcements, and everything you need to know about the weekend ahead.

There and Back Again: Your Fannish Story
There’s no end to fandom but there’s always a beginning. Which fandoms were stops on your journey? Learn about your fellow fans and tell us about yourself
FACILITATOR: countessmry
FANDOM: Meta/Personal History

Animated Gay
In space, on ice, fighting evil by moonlight: queer rep in animation has come a long way. Come discuss animated gay in all forms, and flail over your faves.
FACILITATOR: acidquill
FANDOMS: Voltron Legendary Defender, Yuri On Ice, Sailor Moon, Legend of Korra, etc.

Video Games
RPGs, MMOs, fighting games, single-player, co-op. Join us to discuss all things video games, from your favorites to new games you can’t wait to play.
FACILITATORS: chaneen, saintawesome
FANDOMS: Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, Dragon Age, all video games welcome!

Fandom History: From Zines to AO3
An overview of fandom history, from prehistory to the rise of modern copyright law, digital platforms and how Fandom has always been here.
FACILITATORS: tsukinofaerii, ifshehadwings
FANDOMS: Fandom is my Fandom

Friday Group Discussions/Workshops: Constellation
Soulmate AUs Are My Fandom
Names on each other, first words, timers, colorblind, matching wounds: give me all your Soulmate AUs and I’ll rec you mine.
FACILITATOR: Clex (Clex_monkie89)
FANDOM: Multi-Fandom

Tabletop RPGs: Level 0
Roll a new character, create new worlds, and discuss TTRPGs in the digital age. All experience levels welcome
FACILITATORS: tsukinofaerii
FANDOM: Dungeons and Dragons and other Tabletop RPGs

2:00 – 2:50
The Clex Monkie School for People Who Can’t Makeup Good
Not only will you learn makeup basics, but you’ll learn just how problematic so many of your makeup faves are. At least it’ll save you money?
FACILITATOR: Clex (Clex_monkie89)
FANDOM: Makeup

How Do Podfic?
Podficcing requires many skills, but whether you’re a newbie or vet, there’s always more to learn. Grab your mics and let’s record!
FACILITATORS: ofjustimagine
FANDOM: Podfic, Multi-Fandom

Saturday Programming

Saturday Panels: Convair
Keeping it in the Family: Incest in Fandom
We like our fictional family members a little too close, and we’re not sorry. Don’t forget to bring your recs for new and/or underappreciated ships!
FACILITATORS: ifshehadwings, saintawesome
FANDOM(S): Multi-Fandom (may include: Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Flowers in the Attic, MCU, Star Wars, That Folgers Commercial, AND MORE)

My DVR is Intersectional: How TV Bridges Communities
TV is more diverse in more ways than ever. We’ll chat about our fave TV melting pots and daydream about intersections we want to see in the future.
FANDOM(S): Multi-Fandom, all television (potentially B99, Sense8, Queer Eye, The Good Place, DCTV, unscripted TV, more TBD)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: WTF Do We Do Now?!
It’s been 10 years, 20 movies, 2 network TV shows, 6 Netflix shows, and a whole lot of fan theory. Let’s talk highs and lows and what’s yet to come.
FACILITATORS: chaneen, GirlPhenom
FANDOMS: MCU (all movies and TV)

Joy in the Apocalypse
When the world is terrible, sometimes you need a little bit of joy to soothe your soul. Come rec your favorite self care escapes and get new ones!
PANELISTS: ofjustimagine
FANDOM(S): Multi-Fandom

The Future is Female
Let’s talk about all-female and non-binary female-identifying casts, Smurfette men, and what franchises should be rebooted next (Hint: it’s ALL of them).
FACILITATOR: brynspikess
FANDOMS: Ghostbusters, Mad Max: Fury Road, Doctor Who, Ocean’s 8, Steven Universe

Invisible Unicorns 2: The Winter Soldier
FACILITATORS: Clex (Clex_monkie89), ifshehadwings, tsukinofaerii
FANDOMS: Human Beings?

Saturday Group Discussions/Workshops: Constellation
Vidding Is A Fandom
Learn where to find vids, how to talk about them, and ways to flesh out your feedback to vidders.
FACILITATORS: colls, countessmry
FANDOM: Vidding Fandom

Plushie Workshop: 2 Soft 2 Cute
Learn how to make your own plushie! Bryn and She!Sam will be available to answer questions and offer advice to beginner sewers. Supplies are free!
FACILITATORS: brynspikess, youngloveleroy
FANDOMS: Multi-Fandom, Crafting

Vintage Fandoms
If your fandom got cancelled, forgotten, or never broke into the mainstream to begin with, come get nostalgic, side-eye reboots, and rec hidden gems!
FANDOMS: Starsky & Hutch, MASH, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and whatever else people bring to the table

Post-Infinity War Support Group
Wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and raining curses down upon the House of Marvel. We have to do something until May 2019, right?
FACILITATOR: ifshehadwings
FANDOM(S): Avengers: Infinity War, MCU

Please Stop Saying “Back When I Was In _____:” A Support Group For Dying Fandoms
You’re flailing with a group of fans and they suddenly start commiserating about all the ways your fandom is dead and over. Come seek shelter with us.
FACILITATORS: Dimeliora, Clex (Clex_monkie89)
FANDOMS: Multi-Fandom

Fandom Stitch ‘n’ Bitch
Bring your project bags and hang out while we talk about our favorite nerdy crafts, share expertise, and dish about our favorite CONfab programs! Showing off your latest creative effort is highly encouraged. Beginners are welcome, too!
FACILITATOR: often adamanta
**Spare needles and yarn will be available for newbies who want to learn to knit.

Sunday Programming

Sunday Panels: Convair
Fuck Reality: The Importance Of Magical Realism and Happy Endings in Fiction
Every day the news gets more depressing. Reality is important to craft a relatable story, but there’s no reason to make the fake world as sad as ours.
FACILITATOR(S): Clex (Clex_monkie89), Dimeliora
FANDOMS: Supernatural, DCEU, MCU, and any others brought up during discussion

Participation Award
How to participate in fandom if you don’t write, vid, or draw.
FACILITATOR: countessmry
FANDOMS: Meta, Fandom as a fandom

12:00 – 12:50
It May Be Garbage But it’s Mine
A chance to talk about all of the garbage TV, movies, and media that we love but that we acknowledge may be silly, bad, or problematic.
FACILITATORS: countessmry
FANDOMS: Multi-Fandom (Trash Fandoms)

HBIC: The Marginalization of Outspoken Women
Driven, unapologetic women are often demonized in modern media. We’ll cover egregious examples – then discuss our fave media where girlbosses shine!
FANDOMS: Multi-fandom (Star Trek, MCU, Netflix Originals, Star Wars, 90s/00s TV vs today, etc.)

Sunday Group Discussions/Workshops: Constellation
Murder, Politics, and the Wrongly(?) Accused: Podcasts For Everyone!
Let’s talk podcasts! From fiction to non-fiction, comedy to drama, what we like, why we like it, and what else we should be listening to.
FANDOM: Podcasts of all kinds

Writers Support Group
Join your fellow writers to whine about writer’s block, have a dialogue about dialogue, and trade tips to make erotica a little less hard.
FACILITATOR(S): often adamanta
FANDOMS: All, as it focuses on writing

A Brief History of Boy Bands
What was the first boy band? Who invented boy bands? Are boy bands still a thing? This and more at a panel sure to be equal parts education and squee!
FACILITATORS: chaneen, GirlPhenom
FANDOMS: Boy Bands (1D, Backstreet Boys, The Monkees, The Beatles, 5 Seconds of Summer, In Real Life, O-Town, Menudo, Take That, *NSYNC, etc. etc. etc.)

It’s Still A Dad Joke If The Dad Is In Labor
Why do we like mpreg so much? Do we even care why? Come squee about it and trade recs/ideas!
FACILITATORS: Clex (Clex_monkie89), Dimeliora
FANDOMS: Multi-Fandom

Closing Ceremonies
Location: Convair
We hate to say goodbye, but eventually the fun has to end. Come say goodbye until next year and have a chance to ask questions of the Con Comm and make suggestions for future CONfabs.