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Hello CONfab friends!

We hope you all are staying safe and healthy. Although CONfab 2020 was not due till the fall, with all of the real world messiness and uncertainty, we felt it was best to postpone this year’s convention. Even if all of the gathering bans have been lifted, it is not fair to attendees, hotel staff, and the mental health of the con committee to put on a convention that isn’t our best. However, this is just a postponement! And better yet, we can announce that the next CONfab will be taking place October 21-24, 2021, at our wonderful home, the Springhill Suites Chicago-O’Hare. 

Now we don’t want to stop hanging out with you all over the next 18 months! We’re currently in the process of planning various events online for CONfab attendees and friends to join in on. These range from one-shot RPG games to live broadcasted panels to even a full weekend of interactive online gathering around the same time this year’s CONfab would have been. Once we are done social distancing, we also have a couple of different options for RL meetups around the US! If you have any suggestions (especially regarding technical streaming ideas or know-how) please let us know! info@confabcon.com 

We are also currently working on shifting our current fanworks auction to be a fundraiser to those with lost incomes or displacement due to COVID-19. All winning bids will make their donations to the Restaurant Worker Community Foundation or the National Domestic Workers Alliance. If you are interested in helping out (especially if you’ve found yourself in a work from home or online school situation), we are still accepting works to be auctioned off until April 3rd. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support for CONfab over the years! We’re here to support you during this crazy time too. Relax your jaw. Go drink a glass of water. It’s time to rewatch Tom Holland doing Umbrella (again). Did you know that One Direction fans once hacked into hotel security cameras to look at Harry Styles? If that’s not a sign that fandom can do anything if they stick together, we don’t know what is. (This is not an endorsement to hack into security cameras though.) 

See you IRL again soon!

(We’ll see you on social media like right now though.)