Off-Site Events

A list of outings will be posted on our website and in our program book to facilitate your exploration of our wonderful host city in groups. You can check out and join posted activities, or plan and submit your own. Common activities include trips to local tourist attractions as well as ghost tours of the host city. Anyone can submit an offsite activity for inclusion in the program book; details on how to submit will be announced closer to the convention.

All off-site activities posted to the website, and/or included in the CONfab program book are open to any attendee, but space restrictions may apply. Extra costs related to these activities are not included in the price of your CONfab registration. Prices and space availability are always posted with the activity’s information.

If you’re interested in planning a group activity and you want to include your activity in the CONfab program book, on the website, or have it advertised on our social media, you must welcome any attendee who wishes to attend (though space restrictions are acceptable, so long as a first come, first served policy is in place). You must be willing to field any/all questions related to your activity. Clear pricing details must be available. To submit an off-site activity for inclusion, please send an email to Submissions must be received by August 15, 2019 in order to be included in the program.