List of Eligible Programming

List of Eligible Programming

Below you will find a list of all of the programming that has been submitted for CONfab 2019, in alphabetical order by submission title. They are also available in this spreadsheet, in the order they were submitted.

You can cast your vote for submissions you’d like to see, at this link.

Voting will run from Sunday, July 7th at 10AM Eastern, through Sunday, July 21st at 8PM Eastern.

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Group Discussions


Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Why DO we love robots so much? From the Cyclons to Wall-E, from allegories for racism, oppression and the passage of time, stories with all kinds and forms of robots, androids, and artificial intelligence populate the media everywhere these days. They’re featured in stories that tell of humanity’s capacity for kindness and cruelty, for good and evil, for creation and destruction, love and hate and all the emotions in between. The idea of artificial intelligence finding its place in a human world opens door for a limitless number of concepts, often times leaving us attached and emotional more so than a story between humans would.

Title: Alternate Universe Fic- Small (or not so small) Changes, Amazing Fanfiction
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: We can get into the main subtypes, like Soulmate, Time Travel, Canon-Divergence and why we love them so much. Certain fandoms are definitely predisposed to some of those types too. Both small and large changes can really have interesting effects, and it says a lot about an author’s view of the characters depending on what changes they make and how they think that character would spin based on the change. We could also give examples of a change to canon and have people make a case for what they think a character would do based on that small change. The skies the limit (or maybe doesn’t exist at all) in an alternate universe!

Title: Competitive Pining for Dummies: Chinese Webnovels and Why We Love Them
Fandom: Chinese webnovels (Mo Dao Zu Shi, Guardian, Heaven Official’s Blessing, Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System, 2ha)
Description: Magic! Zombies! Demons! An evergreen forest of ~pining~! Twisty, dense, and extremely satisfying plots! So. Many. Tropes! Also…Flying on swords? “Transmigration”? What the heck is “cultivation” anyway? And is it REALLY that gay? (Spoiler: Yes. Yes it is.) We shall tackle all these subjects and more, as we discuss the wonderful world of Chinese webnovels and their screen adaptations!

The panel will cover the basics of what webnovels are, introduce some of the most popular English-language webnovel fandoms, discuss the issues that come with adapting these novels to the screen, and provide useful info and links for new fans to get into the source material. Come find out what all the fuss is about, and where all that gorgeous fanart is coming from!

[Panel is still a work-in-progress, but fandoms to be covered include MXTX’s three novels (The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System; Mo Dao Zu Shi, aka Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation; and Heaven Official’s Blessing) and the MDZS screen adaptations, Priest’s novel Guardian and its screen adaptation, and potentially Meatbun’s novel Dumb Husky and His White Cat Shizun (aka “2ha”), if there’s time.]

Title: Crossovers in Fandom- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Let’s start this off with an in depth discussion about Crossovers in Fandom. The good, the bad, and the ugly mashups we’ve seen! How it’s introduced us to new fandoms, and allowed many characters more room to grow than their original canon-only setting. We can also discuss the differences between Crossover and Fusion Fic.

Title: Heavenly Bodies
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: A discussion on the fat experience (& rep) in media – look how far we’ve come! & how far we still need to go.

Title: Hockey hot enough to melt the ice…
Fandom: Hockey
Description: Let’s talk about our favorite players and teams. You found this sport interesting and then THINGS HAPPENED. Now you like 6 teams because your boys got traded but you still like the first team.

Title: Just Like That… But they’re gay.
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Jem and the holograms and Voltron have already introduced queer characters to old shows. What else needs a little rainbow-ing up?

Title: Press X to [insert clever video game pun]
Fandom: video games
Description: From PC to Playstation, Nintendo to XBox, video games have become a mainstay in popular culture and fandom. Let’s talk about the games we play and the characters we love.

Title: Reccing the Oldies
Fandom: Multifandom, stuff that’s long been dead and gone
Description: Do you have an old fandom that still lingers in the back of your head? How about your favorite fic that last updated sometime in the Cretaceous period? When current canons suck, it’s time to travel back to yesteryear and rec the oldies. I’m talking your Stargates, your Generation Kills, your Social Networks, your Due Souths, your Xenas etc. Come prepared with links!

Title: Remakes Remakes Remakes
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: From new versions of films (Men in Black, Jumanji, Oceans 8, Ghostbusters, Charlie’s Angels), to TV reboots (Roswell, Charmed), TV “reunions” (90210, Gilmore Girls, far too many 90s sitcoms), and the endless live action Disney remakes, it seems like Hollywood is obsessed with nostalgia. Let’s discuss the trend of remaking all of the things. Do we like this? Do we hate it? What things would we love to see remade and what about the concept of the remake is appealing.

Title: Small Fandom Lightning Rounds
Fandom: Multifandom. Small fandoms only, please!
Description: Do you want more people to be as excited as you are about your small fandom? Are you tired of searching through the same 6 fanfics in the AO3 tags? Does it make you sad how far away Yuletide is? Come and spread the word about your small fandom by taking a turn at a 2 minute lightning round and sharing what makes your small fandom so amazing. This is the perfect opportunity to find new friends with the same interest, convert others to your cause, and discover some tiny fandom jewels you’ve never heard of at the same time.

Title: SPACE! A Fandom Odyssey
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: A discussion of all things spacey! Come discuss all your favorite space dramas, space operas, spaceships, and space ships (if you know what we mean). Tell us about what drives you into the depths of our galaxy and beyond.

Title: Steven Universe and Feminism
Fandom: Steven Universe
Description: Discussing gender and feminist themes throughout Steven Universe.

Title: The Final Girl
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Even if you don’t watch horror movies, you know the trope. That Final Girl who lives through the massacre because she didn’t have sex, get naked, or run up the stairs instead of out the back when being stalked by the killer. But is that all there is to it? What about the Final Girls who buck the rules and still make it out alive?

Title: There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done?
Fandom: Supernatural
Description: some type of a farewell to supernatural panel? supernatural has given us so much from this con to a thousand reaction gifs to kinks we’d never experienced in any other fandom.

Title: Thirsty for Your Fandom
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: A panel highlighting the objects of our thirst. Will have people submit a photo or video clip of their thirst person then we’ll have discussion time after we go through them.

Title: Veronica Mars: I thought our story was Epic
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Description: Okay Marshmallows. Since 2007 when the CW canceled it we’ve had two books, a movie, and by the time this panel goes live the Hulu season 4 revival. Let’s talk about our favorite blonde detective and discuss our favorite and least favorite parts of this franchise.

Title: Wait, Where Does The Baby Come Out?
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: MPreg in all its glory. If you’re reading this you probably already want to attend anyway.

Title: Whatever It Takes: The MCU from Iron Man to 2019
Fandom: The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Description: By the time CONfab rolls around, we will be done with Endgame and Phase 3. What does that mean for the MCU going forward? Let’s discuss that and everything that’s happened up until now. Come cry with us about your faves and discuss where you think the MCU could’ve done better (where’s my queer rep, Kevin Feige?!).

Title: Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love? Whump, Woobification, and Radicalized Empathy
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: An in depth examination of whump and woobies across fandoms. What kind of characters do we love to hurt and see hurt? How do we like to hurt them, what are the most prevalent tropes in different fandoms, and what specifically is the catharsis these tropes provide? What, if anything, does this say about the kinds of characters that we fans most readily identify and empathize with? Or not empathize with? How do these fandom tropes compare to mainstream media portrayals of physical and emotional suffering? How have they changed over time? Etc, etc.

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Group Discussions

Title: Five For Licking (also: Fighting)
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Description: Are you Team #WildCardChaosSquad? Team Winnipeg Boykissers? Team North America? Team Dick Trick? Team Lottery Ball Specialists? Team USWNT/CANWNT? Team Gritty??? Come yell about whatever nonsense hockey has in store for us this particular week.

Title: Five Miles In The Snow. Barefoot! And Both Ways!
Fandom: Fandom itself
Description: Think of this group therapy for all the Bitter Old Fangirls who remember when “squick” was common fannish vocab, and the Morality of RPF fights of the 00s. And the 90s. And the 80s.

History repeats itself, and sometimes it does it badly. How do you deal with Kids These Days and their Propriety Policing? What about incorrect applications of terms like Safe Space and Triggering?

Title: For the Honor of Grayskull!
Fandom: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Description: We’ll be talking all things She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Like how awesome it is when your childhood fave gets remade and it’s utterly delightful, super diverse, and hella queer. Giant sword ladies, best friend squad, opinionated talking horses, you know… ADVENTURE!

Title: Get in the Car, Angel: Being A Group Discussion of Certain Episodes on Amazon Prime in Accordance With the Novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Fandom: Good Omens
Description: Let’s discuss the vids, the fic, the changes from the book, Crowley’s sideburns, Aziraphale’s tartan, the Them’s themness, Vivaldi’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and the provenance of Certain Flaming Swords.

Title: How To Mourn A Fandom
Fandom: Multi
Description: The fandom itself may live on, but when the source material comes to a close it can produce genuine feelings of mourning. Phase III of the MCU, Supernatural, Arrow, Game of Thrones, EVERYTHING Netflix does, etc. It’s enough to give you trust issues. PANEL MAY INCLUDE SPOILERS, BUT ATTEMPTS AT SPOILER WARNINGS WILL BE MADE.

Title: Invisible Unicorn Petting Zoo (No Petting Allowed)
Fandom: Multi
Description: Ace, and Enby, and Intersectionality: Oh My! It’s hard enough getting widely-known representation like white cis gays in our media, getting representation for anyone else is like a needle in a haystack. And POC who aren’t designed as cis het are pegacorns; often mistaken for other rare creatures, when people even acknowledge their existence at all.

Title: It’s a Real Bisexual Alien Blast Around Here
Fandom: Roswell, New Mexico (2019)
Description: Let’s talk about this *fantastic* reboot of a series many of us enjoyed in the early aughts. Now with 100% less whitewashing and the above-mentioned bisexual alien(s). Also, praise the fandom gods, they’re adults instead of high school students. The truth is OUT there! (okay, okay, forgive me, my brain is fried and i couldn’t resist :P)

Title: New Media RPF
Fandom: Multifandom (podcasts and webseries)
Description: A lot of people have been exploring podcasts and web series (particularly Buzzfeed) RPF for the last few years. Does the canon feel more available? Is it easier to get background info? Is it more timely/prevalent? What are some good recs/links?

Title: Nuttin’ More Important Than Family
Fandom: Multifandom; will include hockey RPF, MCU, Game of Thrones, and others
Description: (panel title from this Mr Peanut advertisement A bunch of fanpeople in a room yelling about fictional incest and why we love it. From the Folgers commercial to Wincest to Lannisters, we’ll talk about what we love, what our lines are, and what happens with someone outside the family gets involved. There will be time for fanwork and canon recs.

Title: Rebellions are built on hope.
Fandom: Star Wars
Description: Movies and books, comics and games, animated shows and live action shows. What do you hope for/fear for in the new installments.
Disney streaming service – Y/N?

Title: Sweet Creature: A Harry Styles Roundtable
Fandom: Harry Styles/1D
Description: Let’s talk all things Harry Styles – his accomplishments thus far, what we want to see from him going forward, our hopes and dreams for the second album, dream-casting him in movie roles, analyzing his fashion choices, and whatever else sparks our fancy!

Title: The Ineffable Book (working title)
Fandom: Good Omens
Description: Discussion of both the Good Omens novel and miniseries, potentially including comparisons, ship discussion, screaming, meta and theories, actor thirsting, etc.

Title: The Road So Far
Fandom: Supernatural
Description: Fifteen years later, the show that didn’t know if it would survive the WB’s upgrade to the CW is finally coming to an end. Reminisce with us about the show, the boys, the fandom, and the Good Old Days of yakfic and Mayhem.

Title: We Get It. You’re Adorable.
Fandom: Thomas Sanders: Sanders Sides
Description: Dish about one of the most wholesome YouTubers out there, and how interesting it is to watch him talk to himself for hours. Let’s chat about the differences between the sides, how the series has evolved over the years, theories that have come and gone, name guessing, fandom meltdowns, and the stress that comes with new characters being introduced.

Title: We Only Got 8 Days to Save the World
Fandom: The Umbrella Academy (TV Series)
Description: The Hargreeves siblings are doing a really bad job trying to avert the apocalypse, despite having super powers. But hey, you’d be pretty messed up too if you’d been adopted by an eccentric billionaire who named you Numbers 1-7 and built you a robot for a mother. Let’s chat about these disaster siblings and all the other great characters in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

Title: Why Bryn Is Obsessed With Young Hercules (And You Should Be Too)
Fandom: Young Hercules
Description: Bryn has been a ride or die fan of Young Hercules for twenty years. Why is she a fan? How has she stayed a fan for so long? How does she even participate in an old, long-dead fandom? And why should you consider checking out a kids show from the 90’s?

Title: Writer’s Support Group II: Dialogue and Action
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Come together with your fellow fandom writers to support each other as we complain about this difficult hobby. This year the discussion will focus on dialogue and action, so we’ll share tips and resources on how to make your characters walk the walk and talk the talk, and then whine about how hard it is to do so.

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Title: Fandom Stitch’n’bitch
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Bring your project bags and hang out while we talk about our favorite crafts, share expertise and flail about our favorite CONfab programs! Showing off your latest creative effort is highly encouraged, the nerdier the better. Beginners are welcome, too! Spare needles and yarn will be available for those who want to learn to knit.

Title: Makeup For People Who Don’t Makeup (And People Who Do)
Fandom: Makeup
Description: A Workshop that’s also part Group Discussion. Whether you’re not sure what the difference between bronzer and contour is, or can tell the difference between La Mer and La Prairie, there’s something in this for you.

Title: Plushie Workshop
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Learn how to make your own plushie! Bryn & She!Sam will be available to answer questions and offer advice to beginner sewers. Supplies are free!

Title: Superhero Cross-Stitch
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Learn the classic art of cross stitch by making a tiny superhero/ine! (Examples: or Supplies will be provided. Limit of 15, and if possible you’ll be asked to pick your mini in advance.

Title: The Art of the Graphic
Fandom: Multifandom
Description: Writing ain’t the only way to contribute to fandom! Graphics can fall under a range of products, like art banners for fics or covers for podfics and fanmixes, no drawing required. Let’s talk some dos/don’ts/starting places/what the hell is a serif!

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