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Hooked on a brand new fandom?
Convert new followers to your obsession!

Already formulating your mega crossover vid?
Can’t wait to see it!

Haven’t yet come to terms with your favorite show ending?
Bring it back to life and relive the awesomeness!

Vidders: We’re ready for you to show us what you’ve got! Working on something new? We love premieres! Finished up something this year that made you proud? Send it in!

Vidding Fans / Friends of Vidders: You know some amazingly talented folks, and we’d love to include their work in the show even if (sadface) they won’t be able to attend the Con. So please give your vidding friends a poke to get those juices flowing and send them to this post! And, if there’s a vid or two that really gave you feels, send us a link and/or ask the vidder to get in touch with us about submitting it for the show!

If you have any questions relating to the Vid Show, please send your email to:

CONfabulation Vid Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is Midnight Eastern Time, September 4th, 2023!


Upload your video to a streaming site (like YouTube or Vimeo) and then click here to fill out the Google form to submit your video!