Staff Applications

CONfabulation’s mission is to bring together a diverse group of internet-based media fans in an inclusive environment to engage in fannish activities and foster meaningful connections. We aim to provide programming created and led by attendees, on topics drawn from a variety of sources and involving everything from detailed meta to wildly creative fanworks, encompassing all aspects of fandom culture.

Our current staff is 10 people of varying ages and backgrounds, with over 50 years of combined con planning experience. So we’re not necessarily looking for someone with more experience (though of course, we wouldn’t say no to that, either), or even someone who has been to a fan convention before. Experience we have in bulk!

What we’re looking for are fresh and diverse ideas and people eager to participate in planning a conference and learning-by-doing. Our only strict requirements are that you must be at least 18 years old and be able to commit at least 5+ hours of time per week. We are NOT a women-only event and we understand that gender is complex and non-binary. We welcome women, men, and any/all non binary or other identities!

If you love fandom, love the creativity and community reflected in fandom, and love fan conferences, this is a great opportunity. Some of our committee members have professional careers, some are students, and some are shift workers, but all have a passion for giving back to fandom.

Our entire committee is staffed 100% by volunteers, but it provides kickass opportunities to learn new skills and gain experience that can easily be added to resumes if that’s something you’re interested in. Every member of our team has a voice in what happens at Wincon and an opportunity to develop an idea from conceptualization to actualization.
It’s awesome and fun and hard work and so, so rewarding.

Below are a list of the positions open for application. We encourage EVERYONE who is interested to apply. We’re so excited to add new dynamics to our team. To apply, please send an email with your name, internet handle, position of choice and any relevant experience (work or fandom!) that you may have to


  • Workshop/Roundtables Coordinator:

    • Requests programming information and titles from roundtable and workshop moderators.
    • Maintains workshop/roundtable rooms during convention for both cleanliness and room setup.
    • Responsible for maintaining any stock/inventory for any convention run workshops.
  • Offside Activity Coordinator:

    • Researches and creates poll to decide offical activity for the year.
    • Responsible for acquiring transportation info to and from the hotel for the activity.
    • Maintains information RE attendee submitted activities.
  • Promotions Coordinator

    • Responsible for maintaining a list of conventions for possible ad swap/advertising.
    • Contacts possible conventions, blogs, podcasts, etc for ad swap/advertising.
    • Works with Social Media Coordinator to send out emails to our list of announcements.

Email us at to apply!