Con Committee

CONfabulation is run by a cooperative, 100% volunteer con committee. We’re currently looking for a Social Media Coordinator to join our team. If you’re interested, you can find the details here.

Operations Team

Senior Director of Operations: GirlPhenom
Associate Director of Team Operations: Stacy
Budget Manager: Celli

Programming Team

Senior Director of Programming: Laura
Associate Director of Programming, Group Discussions and Workshops Track: Liz
Associate Director of Programming, Panels Track: Melissa
Raffle Coordinator: She!Sam
Special Events Coordinator: Emily
Volunteer Wrangler: OPEN

Attendee Affairs Team

Senior Director of Membership: Beanside
Director of Marketing & PR: Bryn
Registration Coordinator: Poisontaster
Social Media Associate: Open
Website Coordinator: tsukinofaerii
Registration Associate: Scary