All of CONfabulation’s programming is designed and staffed by volunteers, both attendees and members of our con committee. Virtual CONfab will be held using Zoom meetings and Discord. We will be hosting two tracks of panels on Saturday and Sunday, as well as offering space for attendee-submitted activities. The formats are as follows:

Multi-Fandom Topics – These panels often include subjects of multifandom interest, like the representation of women in canon, supernatural worldbuilding, or writing good kink fic. They may also cover a more general fandom universe that has multiple smaller fandoms that fall under its umbrella.

Single-Fandom Topics – These panels often focus on topics of single-fandom or niche interest.

Workshops – Workshops give attendees a chance to learn something new, or hone their skills. Past workshops have included things like archiving vids, how to run fandom events online, podcasting tips & tricks, and more, but they can be about anything you’re interested in and can share with others virtually.

Activities – Activities can include group games, watches of movies or TV, crafting, themed vid shows, and more. If you think of something not suggested here, please submit it.

Once the dates of our next virtual CONfab have been announced we’ll provide more details on the submission process. Make sure to follow us on social media (links below) for updates.