Downloadable copies of the program are now available as both color and grayscale pdfs!

All of CONfabulation’s programming is designed and staffed by volunteers, both attendees and members of our con committee.

On-site Activities

We will be hosting 2 tracks of programming, running from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon, in the following formats:

Panels – Panels allow a small group of attendees with particular interest or expertise in a topic to lead a discussion with a large group. Panels may include a lot of audience participation, or may be structured so that panelists can share and discuss their viewpoints. Panel topics often include subjects of multifandom interest, like the representation of women in canon, supernatural worldbuilding, or writing good kink fic.

Workshops – Workshops give attendees a chance to learn something new, or hone their skills. They are smaller than panels to allow participants to ask questions and get feedback. Past workshops have included live beta reading, art tips and tricks, and making fannish plushies.

Group Discussions – Group Discussions are small, intimate round table discussions focused on a specific theme. They will have a moderator, but no formal panel structure. They often focus on topics of single-fandom or niche interest.

Programming submissions are currently closed. Anyone interested in leading an on-site activity can submit a proposal during our submission period. We put all activity proposals (sans proposer’s name) to a public vote to gauge interest, and if your proposal is accepted, we’ll let you know what to do next.  You can submit up to four topics in total (multi-session or multi-hour workshops on the same topic count as one submission). A link to the submission form is at the top of this page. For more details about the submissions process, you can check out this post on our Dreamwidth and leave a comment if you need to (no DW account required!).

If you have any other questions, you can check the Programming section of our FAQ, or contact our programming team at

Special Events

Other planned programming includes our Fan Meet & Greet, Bad Fic Idol, Fandom Trivia, Vid Show, and our Saturday Night Dance Party and Charity Raffle.