CONfabulation 2018

The Second Annual CONfabulation was held October 25-28, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. It was located at SpringHill Suites Chicago O’Hare, 8101 West Higgins Road, Chicago, Illinois, 60631.

The charity raffle raised $467 for Center on Halsted.

2018 Panels/Programming

Programming items typically run 50 minutes with 10 minute breaks in between in order to allow time for participants to chat or visit the restroom, with enough time for them to make it to the next item or panel that they’d like to see. There is also an hour-long break for lunch.

Programming items are divided into two tracks (Panels and Group Discussions/Workshops) with a room dedicated to each track.

Fandom-specific Programming:

  • A Brief History of Boy Bands
  • Post-Infinity War Support Group
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe: WTF Do We Do Now?!
  • Video Games

Fandom-generic Programming:

  • Animated Gay – (Queer representation in animated work)
  • Fandom History: From Zines to AO3
  • Fuck Reality: The Importance Of Magical Realism and Happy Endings in Fiction.
  • HBIC: The Marginalization of Outspoken Women.
  • Invisible Unicorns 2: The Winter Soldier – (Bisexuality, Asexuality, Pansexuality)
  • It May Be Garbage But it’s Mine – (Silly, bad, and problematic media)
  • It’s Still A Dad Joke If The Dad Is In Labor – (Mpreg)
  • Joy in the Apocalypse – (Where to find joy when the world is terrible)
  • Keeping it in the Family: Incest in Fandom
  • Murder, Politics, and the Wrongly(?) Accused: Podcasts For Everyone!
  • My DVR is Intersectional: How TV Bridges Communities – (Diversity in television)
  • Participation Award – (How to participate in fandom if you don’t write, vid, or draw)
  • Please Stop Saying “Back When I Was In _____:” A Support Group For Dying Fandoms
  • Soulmate AUs Are My Fandom
  • The Future is Female – (All-female and non-binary female-identifying casts)
  • There and Back Again: Your Fannish Story
  • Vintage Fandoms

Workshop Programming:

  • Fandom Stitch ‘n’ Bitch – (Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, etc.)
  • How Do Podfic?
  • Plushie Workshop: 2 Soft 2 Cute
  • Tabletop RPGs: Level 0
  • The Clex Monkie School for People Who Can’t Makeup Good – (Makeup Q&A)
  • Vidding Is A Fandom – (Music video editing)
  • Writers Support Group

Other Programming:

Overheard at CONfabulation 2018

Collected from Twitter:

  • “I refuse to accept that Johnny Depp ruined the entire concept of pirates!” Playing Cards Against Humanity at #confabcon
  • “Goddammit, where’d my object permanence go?!” #ConFabCon
  • Chicago, I am in you! #confabcon
  • “Sometimes your teeth are just your teeth.” #confabcon
  • “I like vehicular manslaughter, but I’m going to go with the fear and hatred in men’s hearts.” #confabcon
  • “It’s basically Tupperware for corpses!” #confabcon
  • “If you see bubbles, you’ve met your soulmate.” #confabcon
  • “He has as many medals for being queer as he does for ice skating.” Re: Viktor #ConFabCon
  • “But it’s not my arm, it’s your arm!” “I will leave it to you in my will!” #confabcon
  • “okay, i have the map upside down. that’s my bad.” #confabcon
  • Overheard at #confabcon “space was great, but then they gave me a queer!”
  • “Mind if I change my shirt?” “Nah, I’m looking at my eggs and sausage.” “…I don’t want to hear about your sausage while I’m naked.” #confabcon
  • “Always loot the body, especially if they’re your friend.” #confabcon
  • “You have bears?! I’ve always wanted to play a bear! I’ve never realized that until just now!” #confabcon
  • This is your eye… the protagonist (it’s purple) #confabcon
  • (while drawing a huge eyeball) “This is our protagonist…” #confabcon
  • “honk if you like honking!” #confabcon
  • “There were two fish, and they were married!” #ConFabCon
  • “i didn’t realize this is what would emotionally traumatize me this weekend.” #confabcon
  • I ? the analogy of fandom as an invasive species on social media platforms. #ConFabCon
  • “I have been over 18 since I was 13.” #confabcon
  • “I’ve got a song for your sad backstory.” *plays John Cena theme song* #ConFabCon
  • “Let me explain why that mattered in my head.” #CONfabCon
  • have so many imposters questions after the vidshow: who are they? are the dudes brothers? is this a threesome? please raptor jesus tell me it’s a threesome #ConFabCon
  • “Professional musicians who have to fly often buy a second seat for their large instruments.” “So what you’re saying is I should buy a second seat for these Supernatural cast body pillows?” “This is America!” #confabcon #OHatCONfabCon
  • “Talk fast, one of those assholes is typing.” #CONfabCon #BadFicIdol
  • “Sara, WHO DIDN’T WRITE THIS FIC.” #CONfabCon #BadFicIdol
  • Dum-E, off stage: *Beeps* #BadFicIdol #CONfabCon
  • “Words are made up of spelling!!!” #ConFabCon
  • “well i’ve been a monsterfucker for a long time.” #venomfandom #confabcon
  • “Yeah, but if they didn’t share a womb, is it really real?” #confabcon
  • “Steve Rogers will NOT die. He will go into the west and remain Galadriel” #ConFabCon #OHatCONfabCon
  • “I didn’t think I was going to go there, but then I read a fic and I went there.” #confabcon
  • “But Pietro Maximoff didn’t get snapped away by Thanos.” “How do we know? Did he check the website?” #confabcon #OHatCONfabCon
  • “Captain Kirk to bridge: there’s a bunch of ghosts down here getting head.” #confabcon
  • “what did you do last saturday? i blew a bunch of ghosts!” #confabcon
  • “What is Dungeons & Dragons?” “You roll dice, and then you fuck.” #confabcon
  • On Black Sails: “In the first season, it’s like, ooh, pirates love sex and money. And by the fourth season it’s like…” “Pirates love civil liberties!” #confabcon
  • This section of you hair is problematic #CONfabCon
  • “I just. Have dreams in my heart hole.” #ConFabCon
  • “The power of virginity and love kills the monster.” #confabcon
  • “You accept that but you don’t accept vore you cowards” #ConFabCon
  • “Oh my God, what did I buy in Canada?” #CONfabCon
  • “There is space on your dress!” #confabcon
  • “Quick, do the human ‘go away’ symbol!” Everyone: (middle finger) #ConFabCon #HoneyHeist
  • A gentle leaf, blowing in the wind, waiting for a duck to fuck. #ConFabCon
  • “T-rex Pope wants to be the only pope in this town!” #ConFabCon #HoneyHeist
  • “Is this just a human thing?” “I think it’s a human thing.” “Humans are weird.” #ConFabCon #HoneyHeist
  • “That was unintended reverse furry.” #honeyheist #confabcon
  • “I always have room in my trunk for a Winchester.” #confabcon
  • “It’s clearly some high tech, fucked up shit.” #ConFabCon #HoneyHeist
  • “We’re bears, of course we can read!” #ConFabCon
  • “The whole pope! Every part of the pope!” #honeyheist #confabcon
  • “Only you can prevent forest fires. By giving me your day pass.” #honeyheist #confabcon
  • “Maybe while he’s distracted by being threatened by the bear pope.” #honeyheist #confabcon
  • “I’m taking all the Pope related supplies.” #ConFabCon
  • “I think we should not take the haunted pirate boat.” “It’s probably fine.” #ConFabCon
  • The hard limit for #ConFabCon has been found. It is baby ducks because raccoons at least have thumbs @ConFabCon
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a bull whip. #ConFabCon
  • “first of all, if it’s abo and there’s no knotting, then what’s the point?” #confabcon
  • “skulls are soft, they’d crush real easy!” #confabcon
  • magical tissue exit chute. #confabcon
  • “I don’t know what this is, but I’m into it.” #ConFabCon
  • “i can’t be dreaming because i can read.” – a foolproof way to tell if concussed… #confabcon
  • “no, there’s no virgin love in the cat.” #confabcon