What is CONfabulation?

In the simplest of terms, CONfabulation is a long-weekend where people from fandom come together to talk about the things they love best. 

To elaborate, CONfabulation is a fan convention run by the same people who brought you Wincon for 10 great years. Wincon started out as Winchestercon in 2006, a Supernatural (the television show) fan con. The final Wincon was held in Pittsburgh in 2016 and had evolved into a multi-fandom convention that altered its location every year. 

CONfabulation is a celebration of fandom with panels and structured events. We are the internet in all its glory, come to life. We are a place to get together with old friends, discover new ones, and talk about everything that makes us squee.

Who runs CONfabulation?

CONfabulation is run by a cooperative, 100% volunteer con committee headed by lead organizer Mary Moline. For more information, see our staff page. We are always looking for more helping hands though, and check out our staff application page if you’re interested!

What is CONfabulation’s philosophy?

CONfabulation’s mission is to bring together a diverse group of internet-based media fans in an inclusive environment to engage in fannish activities and foster meaningful connections. We aim to provide programming created and led by attendees, on topics drawn from a variety of sources and involving everything from detailed meta to wildly creative fanworks, encompassing all aspects of fandom culture.

Does CONfabulation host any actors, celebrities, or other special guests?

No official personnel from any fandom is affiliated with this convention, nor will there be any appearances by any show actors, celebrities, writers, or other personnel. It’s all about us, the fans, and the way we express ourselves and our love for fandom.

Is CONfabulation het friendly? Slash? Gen? RPF? RPG? Art? Lurker? International? Cosplay?

In short: Yes. If you want to talk about it, chances are pretty good there’s someone else at CONfabulation who’ll jump right into that conversation. Our attendees’ (and Con Committee’s) interests run the full spectrum of fannish pursuits, and we attempt to build programming that reflects that with your input and assistance.

How many people can attend CONfabulation?

There is no cap on attendees for CONfabulation at this time, other than the fire codes in the meeting rooms that the hotel legally has to obey. In the past, around 100 attendees were coming to Wincon.

Is CONfabulation a women-only event?

No, CONfabulation is not a women-only event. We welcome people of many and varied gender identities and backgrounds, including but not limited to cis and trans women and men and people with nonbinary or other identities. We here at CONfabulation understand the complexities of gender and sexuality and do not seek to define or limit our attendees in this regard. If you have further questions, you may contact us at: info@confabcon.com.

Does CONfabulation have a harassment policy?

Yes, our harassment policy can be found here.

Is CONfabulation accessible?

CONfabulation strives to be accessible to all fans. Our event facilities are always provided by an ADA-accessible hotel, which houses our Panels, Roundtables, Fandom Lounge, and Friday Night Masquerade. We are happy to work with our attendees to the best of our abilities on this matter and encourage you to email us with your requests, questions or concerns related to any special needs or accessibility issues: info@confabcon.com.

Are there age restrictions for CONfabulation?

Yes, you must be 18 on or before the first day of the con in order to attend.

What is CONfabulation’s drinking policy?

CONfabulation respects and enforces the drinking laws of its host city each year. As such, you must be 21 to consume or be served alcohol in the con spaces. We encourage safe drinking habits and personal responsibility, as well as respecting others’ decision to remain sober. While CONfabulation and its staff are not liable for the actions and decisions of its attendees, particularly outside of con spaces, the Con Committee itself always has several sober hands on deck in the hotel throughout the event, just in case.

How is CONfabulation policy enforced/regulated?

The Con Committee responds directly to any violations of policy at the time they are reported. If and when our policies are transgressed, we address the individual(s) involved directly. We do not base policy or our handling of policy violations upon hearsay. We protect the privacy of victims or witnesses who come forward to report incidents to us. At our discretion, and based upon the severity and nature of the violation, transgressors may be given (but are not guaranteed) one or more warnings before being banned from the con space for the remainder of the day, event, and/or all future CONfabulation and Winconferences, LLC events. 

For more detailed information, please see our Legal page.

I have a friend nearby/my significant other is traveling with me, but doesn’t want to attend the con itself. Can they swing by a panel, be my date to the dance, etc.?

No, only con attendees are allowed in official con spaces. You may hang out with your friend/significant other any place in the hotel that is not an official con space, such as the bars, restaurants, lobby, or your hotel room. When someone is an official attendee, that implies their agreement with our Harassment Policy and other guidelines and policies. We don’t own the hotel, but we do need to be able to control our own spaces as much as possible. 

However, when availability permits, we do sell a limited number of one day tickets on the ground. These tickets are sold on a first-come first-served basis, exclusively on-site, and include a name badge and program book. For further questions, contact us at: info@confabcon.com

Why is your logo an infinity sign?

We had a contest in 2016 to see who could create CONfabulation’s new logo! Mikaela (technicolorstarburst) won, and provided this explanation as to her design: 

I chose an infinity symbol as the focus because I believe it is synonymous with fandom. Fandom can be viewed as taking something finite, such as a television show or book, and making it infinite through endless interpretations and remixes. This is not to mention the people associated with fandom that come from an infinite number of backgrounds, personality types, gender identities, etc.

CONfabulation 2018


I can’t attend this year. Is there any way I can still show my support?

You sure can, and we are so flattered by the inquiry! For more info or to purchase a registration as a gift, feel free to email us: info@confabcon.com. We also have Supporting Memberships available to purchase.

Hey, I want to help! Can I volunteer? How do I do that?

Awesome! You can definitely volunteer and we have openings for everything from year-round stuff (logistics, planning, and marketing) to on-the-ground shenanigans (registration, decorating, and moderating). If you’re interested in volunteering, please see our staff page or email us at info@confabcon.com.

Where has CONfabulation been in the past, and where is it this year?

This is our second year under CONfabulation! We are excited that it will be in Chicago, IL on October 25-28, 2018. Past CONfabulations were held:

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – May 25-28, 2017

Previously, Winconferences LLC, the organization behind CONfabulation, held Wincon in these cities:

  • Nashville, Tennessee – October 13-15, 2006
  • Los Angeles, California – October 12-14, 2007
  • Baltimore, Maryland – October 17-19, 2008
  • Denver, Colorado – October 9-11, 2009
  • Chicago, Illinois – October 15-17, 2010
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – October 14-16, 2011
  • Dallas, Texas – October 18-21, 2012
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – October 10-13, 2013
  • Orlando, Florida – October 16-19, 2014
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – October 15-18, 2015


How do I register?

A weekend ticket for CONfabulation may be purchased on our registration page, which also provides further details, options, and pricing information.

Are you going to post a public attendee list?

No. To protect the privacy of our attendees, we do not post a public attendee list.

Will everyone have access to my real name/other personal details if I register?

Only authorized personnel on staff will ever see the personal information you enter when you register. The only information shared publicly at the con are the names submitted for the front/back of your badge. However, you must provide a government-issued ID during check-in to verify your name and age. 

For further information, please see our Privacy Policy.



What hotel is CONfabulation visiting this year?

CONfabulation 2018 will be held at the lovely SpringHill Suites Chicago O’Hare! You can find out more information on the hotel, room rates, and how to book by visiting our Chicago 2018 page.

What airports can I use?

O’Hare Airport is the closest airport servicing the area.



What kind of programming do you offer? What are the programming tracks for 2018?

On site programming includes panels, roundtables, workshops, demonstrations, crafts, and other events. We try to cover as many fandoms and interests as we can, based on the feedback from past and present CONfabulation attendees. Previous CONfab programming can be seen here, and past Wincon programming can be seen here. We have multiple tracks of programming for CONfabulation 2018. Panels provide larger groups of con-goers to discuss their topics, most of which will be multi-fandom orientated. Round tables are smaller discussions with no moderation, and provide a conversation around mostly single fandoms or smaller niches. Workshops are a chance to learn something new, or hone a craft in detail. 

You can request the type of space which will work best for your idea, but please be advised the con committee reserves the right to move it to the space we think is most appropriate. However, we’ll never stick you in a bigger room without consulting you first.

How do I pitch a panel/roundtable/workshop?

All of CONfabulation’s programming is created by its attendees, and absolutely any who is registered for the convention can submit programming ideas! Submissions are open during the summer, and are currently closed. Please see watch our various social media channels for announcements of when submissions will be voted on!

What kind of panels/roundtables/workshops do you accept? Are there specific requirements?

We are looking for a variety of panels and workshops, which appeal to the widest range of attendees. We are a multi-fandom convention, so we would love to accept pitches for genre specific and pan-fandom panels such as: medical dramas, reality shows, crime procedurals, BBC, comics, and the like. We also love fandom meta and discussions about fandom culture. Be creative! We also welcome programming that is fandom-specific, and we would love to get your submissions for roundtable discussions on whatever your current (or past!) fandom favorite is. 

We encourage all ideas and fandoms as potential subjects. A subject should be broad enough to fill fifty minutes, but specific enough to guide the conversation or activity. If you have an idea, but need help fleshing it out into a panel or event, we will be opening up at Brainstorming Post prior to panel submissions opening.

What is considered a panel?

Panels allow a small group of attendees with particular interest or expertise in a topic to lead a discussion with a large group. Panels may include a lot of audience participation, or may be structured so that panelists can share and discuss their viewpoints. Panel topics often include subjects of multifandom interest, like the representation of women in canon, supernatural worldbuilding, or writing good kink fic.

What is considered a workshop?

Workshops give attendees a chance to learn something new, or hone their skills. They are smaller than panels to allow participants to ask questions and get feedback. Past workshops have included live beta reading, art tips and tricks, and making fannish plushies.

What is considered a roundtable?

Roundtables are small, intimate discussions focused on a specific theme. They will have a moderator, but no formal panel structure. Round tables often focus on topics of single-fandom or niche interest.

What if I have an idea but no one to be on the panel with me?

That’s what our brainstorming post is for! This post will open for comments and discussion prior to, and during the panel submissions phase. If your idea is selected for programming, and you would like someone else to join you for moderation or guiding the discussion, we will have an open post for volunteers before the convention.

What if I have an idea but don’t want to be on the panel?

Unfortunately, in order for your programming idea to be eligible for voting, you must be able to list someone who is willing to be on it. We can provide a moderator for panels, but if you have a roundtable or workshop idea that you don’t want to run, you will need to find someone else to run it for you. Again, leave your ideas on our brainstorming post! You never know, there might be a dozen fans who didn’t know they were waiting to talk about your idea until now.

How can I see what programming has already been submitted?

Right here! And if you don’t see what you want to talk about on there, go ahead and submit it yourself!

But you don’t understand, I need to see this panel or I will cry.

There’s no crying in fandom. We’ll be opening panel/workshop/roundtable submissions to a vote (sans submitter’s name) to gauge attendee interest. Just make sure you vote and you get your friends who are attending to vote, too! You have to be a registered attendee to vote on programming, so register early! Voting opens [date TBA] and will run for one month.

What is the schedule this year?

The final schedule will be posted prior to the convention.

Is there a Vid Show? How do I participate?

We hold a multi-fandom vid show every year. The solicitation request is posted here, and the entry deadline is September 3rd, 2018. Each vidder may submit up to 3 works, and we privately inform each vidder if their work is selected as soon as possible after the deadline. For more information and news, please stay tuned to our social media outlets!

What is the Fandom Lounge?

The Fandom Lounge is a place that fosters creativity and informal discussion. At any given moment, there’s at least one game of Cards Against Humanity happening, and there is always someone to admire your latest button or craft project. With complimentary wireless, DVD player, screen, projector, tables, chairs, and floor space, the Fandom Lounge is designed to accommodate creative use, meet ups and discussions, and refueling and relaxing between activities. It’s where we meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and it is where we kick off and wind down CONfabulation each year. It will be the center of the action all weekend.

Will there be vendors?

We will have a dedicated space for vendors in the Fandom Lounge. For details on how to become a vendor at CONfabulation 2018, please email us at info@confabcon.com.

What is the Saturday Night Dance all about?

CONfabulation’s dance is about community, positive self-expression, acceptance, and celebrating everyone’s individuality and amazingness. It’s also a big dance party with complimentary hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and more sparkling lights than you can shake a stick at. We dance, we eat, we drink, we dance some more, and we come together in the true spirit of CONfabulation and fandom. For more info about CONfabulation’s dance, keep an eye on our programming page.

What charity does your raffle support?

This year we’re looking to give back to our host city! We’re currently in the process of finding a Chicago-based charity for this year’s convention. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to let us know at info@confabcon.com.

How do I donate to the raffle?

We’ll be accepting donations on site in the Fandom Lounge. If you’d like to donate items but are unable to attend, email us at raffle@confabcon.com.

What off-site activities do you have planned?

While no off-site activities are part of the official CONfabulation programming, many are planned in advance by attendees and staff and will be listed on the website and program book. They become an essential part of many people’s unofficial weekend plans. 

For more details or to see other off-site activities planned, keep an eye on our programming page.

Can I attend an offsite activity even if I don’t know anyone?

A list of outings is posted on our website and in our program book to facilitate your exploration of our wonderful host city in groups. You can check out and join posted activities, or plan and submit your own. Common activities include trips to local tourist attractions as well as ghost tours of the host city. Anyone can submit an offsite activity for inclusion in the program book; details on how to submit will be announced closer to the convention.

I’m interested in planning an off-site activity. How can I get it in the program book/on the website/posted to the community?

To include your activity in the CONfabulation program book, on the website, or have it posted to the community, you must welcome any attendee who wishes to attend (though space restrictions are acceptable, so long as a first come, first served policy is in place). You must be willing to field any/all questions related to your activity. Clear pricing details must be available. More information about off-site submissions will be announced on our social media platforms later on.

I have a question that isn’t listed here, who do I ask?

No worries, we’re happy to answer any questions that you have! You can email us at info@confabcon.com.